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Soft Block

 Wear  Moi

Wear Moi Demi-Pointe
Satin demi-pointe shoes. Special box for beginners and a U cut for this shoe with NO shank. Excellent pre-pointe shoe to develop and strengthen the muscles in preparation for full pointe work. Should never be used to go on pointe. Elastic drawstring. Available with pre-stitched high-quality satin ribbons. 

Freed of London



Free of London Demi-Pointe

Material: Pink Satin Upper - Leather

The Satin Soft Block, specially designed for Demi-Pointe work.


The perfect transition from soft toes to Pointe shoes



Shop Price : HK$720

Special Offer :HK$560





Gamba Soft Block "Delco Ultra"


Gamba Delco offers a snug and flattering fit and is ideal for those students making the transition to Pointe work.


Shop Price : HK$660

Special Offer :HK$540




Sansha Soft Block "DP802"

- Pointe shoes without shank. (Soft "demi-pointe", not to be used for ponte work) "Pointee" box
- Ideal for examinations
- Widths : M, W
- Sizes : 3 to 10


Shop Price : HK$380

Special Offer :HK$300







Demi-Pointe EXAM, Art.0512

The EXAM soft blocks shoe is made specifically for those preparing for pointe work. The shoe cannot be used on pointe. It is strongly recommended for use to strengthen the foot and ankles, and get the foot used to working in the confined space of a Pointe shoe.  It makes the fitting of actual pointe shoes easier as well. It is highly recommended that dancers use these shoes for 6 months before going onto pointe. 


Shop Price : HK$550

Special Offer :HK$430 ( Special made)