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PirouetteMASTER™- 旋轉板

Flat Mode- Teaches the body the feeling of multiple turns and exercises spotting. While it still challenges your core, it gives you plenty of surface area for balancing. This makes it easier to accomplish numerous turns.
Relevé Mode - Unique to the pirouetteMASTER™, it allows you to practice turns on relevé. The relevé pad (offering less surface area to balance) combined with the flaw-magnifying effect of the product’s convex shape, teaches your body maximum balance and control on relevé. This will translate to more controlled turns off of the pirouetteMASTER™.

Gaynor Minden Flexibility Band

Gaynor Minden Flexibility Band

Introducing: the Flexibility Band, a heavy duty resistance band designed especially for dancers. The continuous loop allows for hands-free stretching. Made with seamless wrapped technology for a smooth, comfortable surface. Generously sized so even the longest legs (we’re looking at you, gentlemen) can stretch too.

The Flexistretcher



美國的Flexistretcher是國際認可最有效的芭蕾舞輔助工具之一,產品最初是由專業的芭蕾者為保持自己的舞台優勢所設計,而逐漸盛行於世界各頂 尖芭蕾舞團,至今更被眾多歐美芭蕾舞者所追捧。透過持續練習超過十多種精心設計的動作,可逐漸改善身體各部份的協調及柔韌性,增加整體的穏定性甚至乎肌力 的强度,在不知不覺間為你帶來意想不到的驚人效果。

Ballerina designed, the Flexistretcher is a stretching and strengthening tool that was specifically created to complement the rigorous demands placed on a dancer’s body. Harnessing the power of elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher safely improves flexibility, while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as they stretch. With the understanding that an effective strength and flexibility routine is critical to reaching and maintaining the highest level of performance, today’s professional dancers and athletes turn to FLX to keep their competitive edge on the stage or the field. Lightweight, compact and fully adjustable, the Flexistretcher allows one to keep up with their training regimen from anywhere. Simulating dance-specific movement patterns with the Flexistretcher provides a more targeted focus on alignment and muscle recruitment, allowing for improvements in mobility while building the strength necessary to skillfully accomplish the desired movement.

Ballet Foot Stretch

霏影最新引進西班牙的Ballet Foot Stretch是國際認可最有效的芭蕾舞蹈輔助工具之一,一直都備受國際專業芭蕾舞學校所推介,甚至乎有不少的專業芭蕾舞者用作為每日的基本練習。持之以恒地練習,不僅可增大腳背線條而達至美觀效果,而且更可針對性地加強腳部肌肉的力量,增強由腳趾至臀部的柔韌性,比起單純的拉腳背的練習更加直接,效果更顯著,絕對是芭蕾舞愛好者不可或缺的恩物。

BALLET FOOT STRETCH is a unique tool that will help you gain not only more flexible feet but will also help you to improve the overall strength and line of the legs, from the toes to the hips.


BALLET FOOT STRETCH, tested by dance professionals, and already introduced in official dance institutions, offers to the next generation of dancers, a unique tool, uncomplicated, safe, durable, and portable,perfect complement to a dancer's formation and training.


美國的TurnBoard/旋轉板是專為練習芭蕾旋轉動作研製而成,可令舞者於高速迥旋時,專注於身體各部位的協調,掌握體重的分佈,以及調整由頭到腳, 包括手臂動作及臀部位置,一直都深受芭蕾舞者所歡迎。 而最新一代TurnBoard現已到貨,其耀目的色彩更能襯托出芭蕾舞優雅的旋轉舞姿。

Chacott 拉筋帶

喜愛芭蕾舞的你是否一直都是偏重於舞蹈技巧的改善,致力跳出芭蕾舞那種輕盈飄逸,優雅動人的舞姿。其實除了千錘百煉及持之以恒的練習,身體的柔韌性,協調 性及肌力的强度都是不可或缺的因素。 由日本研製Chacott 的拉筋帶, 透過一些指定動作的練習,可逐漸改善身體各部份的協調及柔韌性,增加整體的穏定性甚至乎肌力的强度,在不知不覺間為你帶來意想不到的驚人效果。