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Gaynor Minden


Gaynor Minden是美國頂級的芭蕾舞品牌。有別於傳統的製鞋技術,Gaynor Minden以高科技的物料(unbreakable Polymer),配合多項專利技術製造出高質素而耐用的Pointe shoes,其耐用程度比其他品牌的足尖鞋多出三至五倍,亦更為有效地保護舞者的腳部,為眾多頂尖芭蕾舞者所追捧。

Gaynor Minden retains the classic beauty of lustrous pink satin and elegant tapered lines, but with a completely modernized interior to meet the needs of today’s athletic dancers.

They are made with expert American hand-craftsmanship, the most up-to-date athletic materials, and first-hand knowledge of ballet. It last 3 to 5 times longer than other pointe shoes because their shanks and boxes are made from unbreakable polymer, not fiberboard. Laboratory studies report that dancers are better aligned in Gaynor Mindens – essential for proper technique and injury prevention.

Manufactured in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Pointe Shoes





Comfort, Quiet and Durability.
Gaynor Minden pointe shoes combine thoughtful design, expert American hand craftsmanship, and innovative modern materials.

Buoyant Support. Consistent Support.
Gaynor Minden uses high quality elastomerics for its unbreakable shanks and boxes, not the antiquated paste and cardboard construction that makes other pointe shoes quickly deteriorate while tormenting the feet. The flexibility and support that you feel in the new shoe will remain the same throughout its long life. Gaynor Mindens have tremendous durability without being hard or clunky. The shoes last 3 to 6 times as long as most other brands.


The Look of Effortless Grace.
Gaynor Minden knows that dancers are athletes as well as artists. Your talented feet deserve a little cushioning, especially if you dance on a hard floor. And it's not just for comfort - many dance injuries are caused by trauma, so Gaynor Minden is attempting to lessen the impact of landing from jumps. This is the first pointe shoe with shock absorption. Its resilient, patented construction helps you to jump, then provides a soft, silent, easy landing.


Price : HK$890

Special Offer :HK$790




Gaynor Minden: Where Tradition Meets Innovation



Leotards and Tights




Featherlight and toasty warm. 
No bulkiness, no resistance — just softness, stretch, and warmth.
Custom-dyed just for us in rich, deep colors. Made in Italy.

70% Acrylic, 30% Nylon.
Available in Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Charcoal, and Navy.



Like tendus at the Bolshoi, it’s a simple thing done with panache.

Extra-sweet neckline.
Super-long internal front drawstring for massive adjustability.
Sophisticated open back.
Bra liner.

90% Tactel® Nylon, 10% Spandex.
Available in Aubergine, Black, Blue Mist, Burgundy,
Navy, Red, Rose, and Snapdragon Yellow.




Renaissance aesthetic, forward-thinking design.

A lovely neckline curves gracefully onto your
shoulders — flattering the body below and
showcasing the face above. No seams intrude to
break the flowing lines because an ingenious hidden
gusset creates a perfectly smooth front.

Shelf bra. 3/4 sleeves finished nicely with a mesh cuff.

90% Tactel® Nylon, 10% Spandex
Available in Black.



Brush up your Shakespeare: Our Juliet comes in a
Cap(ulet) Sleeve version, too. You’ll be poetry in
motion in this charming leotard with its appealing
neckline and seamless shoulder.

Hidden gusset for clean, fluid lines front and back.
Piping finish at sleeve. Shelf bra.

90% Tactel® Nylon, 10% Spandex.
Available in Black.



High-neck lace leotard inspired by the art and gaiety of "La Belle Epoch"–the days of the Moulin Rouge, Monet's Water Lilies, and, incidentally, the first pointe shoe. Soft, pretty stretch lace.

Eight buttons down the back (purely decorative, extremely fetching). Shelf-bra. Back zipper. Tactel/Lycra.

Sizes: S, M, L

Available in Black.




Vintage haute couture. Schiaparelli, Coco Chanel, Dior. Dancers have exquisite necks and collarbones. This shows them off. Slightly belled cap sleeve. Pretty enough to wear out to dinner. Shelf-bra. Tactel/Lycra. 



A dressy leotard. And why not? If ballet class isn't a formal occasion then what is? Pleated "cummerbund" top. Adjustable spaghetti straps (fettuccini actually, more comfortable). Shelf bra. Cotton/Lyrca.








English Ribbon

Double-faced. Soft. And pale peach. Almost good enough to eat.
Custom-dyed to match your Gaynor Mindens.
Imported English Ribbon.
Nylon. 2½ yards, ample for one pair



Pale Peach Elastic

¾" Pale Peach Elastic.
15" long, ample for one pair of shoes




European "Invisible" Elastic

Over "there," the ballerinas appear to be dancing in shoes secured only by satin ribbon, and they also appear to have not the slightest worry about their shoes slipping off.
The "secret" is Invisible Elastic,
s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y, lace-like material that virtually disappears next to tights. Works for technique slippers, too.
Imported European "Invisible"
Pink Elastic.
Ample (30" long) for two pairs


Transparent "Imperial" Elastic

Fairy tales inspire great ballets. And now a great ballet accessory: Transparent "Imperial" Elastic.
"Imperial," in honor of the Emperor who had a suit of clothes so fine that no one could see it.
7/8"wide, stretchy elastic that's as clear as Scotch tape.
Utterly transparent so that your shoes seem to stay on all by themselves.
You don't need to see it to believe it; our elastic really does exist and you really will dance...happily...ever...after.
Transparent Elastic. Color: none. Length: 30"; enough for two pairs of shoes



Vamp Elastic

Stop feeling sorry for dancers born with gorgeous arches.
Sympathy no longer needed.
Problem solved.
Gaynor Minden's ingeniously simple Vamp Elastic eliminates the curse of "going over too far" or "popping out"...the punishments, once, for those born with gorgeous arches.
The delay and expense of a remedial special-order vamp is now unnecessary. Just stitch Vamp Elastic in the throat of your shoe and you'll get the same kind of extra support that a deeper vamp would provide—with no compromise of demi-pointe flexibility, either. Instructions included.



Totally Toes Fitting Kit

Contains one pair each Cool Blue Gel Crescents, Cool Blue Gel Ovals, "Mushroom" Micro-pads, Dynamic Box Liners and clear, illustrated instructions.

* Real Rogers Corp. Poron® has the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance



Your feet and ankles deserve some TLC: Tendon Loving Care. Pointe shoe

ribbons must tie snuggly to look neat and professional en pointe, but standing flat they can chafe the Achilles tendon. Ouch and sometimes worse.

Strategic insertion of elastic makes ribbons comfortable. Ours are

super-tidy: ribbon and elastic are the same width and color, meticulously

stitched together. Ribbon: Soft but substantial Polyester Elastic:

Firm yet stretchy Lycra Color: Peachy pink matches tights and shoes