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 Freed of London

Freed of London 作為英國百年的芭蕾舞品牌,一直都不斷改進其製造技術,精益求精。其中 Classic 系列是根據傳統的製鞋技術以人手製造,每一對都有其獨特記認,去識別製造者的身份,因此每一對是獨一無二的。而Studio 系列更結合現代的製造技術,以製出更穩定及質素更高的芭蕾舞鞋。除此之外,Freed of London的最大特色是其生物溶解的製鞋技術,令其芭蕾舞鞋能記憶穿著者腳型,從而達至完美的配合,故為不少香港專業的芭蕾舞表演者所喜愛。

 Freed of London Pointe Shoes: Classic


Material: Pink Satin Upper - Leather


Classic design and simply the most popular

Pointe Shoe in the world.

It is favoured because it finds a balance between
 strength and lightness whilst
retaining its quietness. It has the ability
to mould to the shape of the individual
dancer's foot, so providing comfort & support,
yet retaining the flexibility required to allow
the dancer to 'work through the foot'.

Shop Price : HK$720

Special Offer :HK$580

Classic Pro

Material: Pink Satin - leather

A revolutionary shoe which allows
for flexibility through the demi pointe,
 with enough strength to give the required longevity.

Shop Price : HK$720

Special Offer :HK$580

Freed of London Pointe Shoes: Studio





The new, extra durable, state-of-the-art pointe shoe.

Made with the same biodegradable ingredients as all other Freed of London Pointe Shoes. The Studio to uses 21st Century technology which allows continuity and extended longevity. The Studio has a natural platform and elegant lines.
STUS/S - Standard Insole
STUS/H - Hard Insole

Shop Price : HK$720

Special Offer :HK$580

Studios II

Same technology as the Studio

Wider base and lower profile.

Made with the same biodegradable ingredients as all other Freed of London Pointe Shoes. The StudioII continues to use 21st Century technology allowing continuity and longetivy with an added flexibility. The Studio II has a wider platform and lower profile.
STUP/S - Standard Insole
STUP/H - Hard Insole

Shop Price : HK$720

Special Offer :HK$580


Studio Professional

Round Cut
Elastic Drawstring

A newly designed insole which brings all the advantages of a 3/4 cut insole, Concentrating the strength in the forepart to support the metatarsal, the insole allows the shoe to hug the underneath of the foot for a flattering line, whilst still cushioning under the heel to avoid injury.

Price : HK$720

Special Offer :HK$580


Soft Block



Soft Block

Material: Pink Satin Upper - Leather

The Satin Soft Block, specially designed for Demi-Pointe work.


The perfect transition from soft toes to Pointe shoes.

Shop Price : HK$720

Special Offer :HK$560




Camisole leotard with matching belt

Cotton. Sizes 0 to 5. In Black, Navy.


Alice - Camisole Leotard

A new leotard designed for the Royal Academy of Dance major examinations. Cotton material; lined in front.


Ruche front cotton camisole leotard with shelf lining and RAD logo on center back. Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Purple and Port (brick red). Sizes 2, 2A, 3, 4 and 5. (Grey is no longer available)



Short cap sleeve now in cotton/lycra fabric withruche front and back. Shelf-bra lining. Blac. Sizes 2-5

No Logo





3/4" Set Elastic

Half yard of 3/4” wide elastic, enough for one pair of pointe shoes. Available in Pink, Black or White. Black and White not shown


1" Set Mesh Elastic

50 cm of Chacott European pink transparent mesh elastic, 1” wide.


1" Set Nylon Ribbon

2.5 yards of Freed Pink nylon ribbon, 1 inch wide.


RAD ballet socks

Nylon. Sizes 3 to 5. In Pink, White.

 Large Mesh Bags

Ankle Leg Warmers

Ankle warmer(stirrup)
Acrylic. One size. In Pink, Black, White, Cerise, Kingfisher, Lilac, Purple, Red

Product No. :3188-07701
Material:Nylon 100%

63.European Pink
  • *For attaching ribbons
  • *Very strong and smooth
  • *Easy to sew